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The perfect jacket, what is it?

I think that every man should ask himself this question before choosing the jacket.
So what to pay attention to when buying a jacket?
When going shopping we should pay attention to several things;
The first thing we will have to deal with when buying a jacket ,. So how to choose the size 🙂 In the so called „nets“ jackets are marked as t-shirts (that is XS, S, M, etc.). In typical suit stores, we already encounter more sophisticated markings.
For example, a jacket in size „176/100“. And we often wonder what that means. So I am already in a hurry to explain .
The first number means the height expressed in centimeters and the second circumference in the chest on inhalation . While the second number is much more important because it will affect the freedom to wear a jacket.
In other stores you can find detailed tables where the size of the jacket is described in detail (this is the surest method when shopping online).
If we have already deciphered the size and know what we should choose, we should think about the composition.
That is, from which fabric it was made. The best models are made of wool. Wool, the best and most universal fabric. It will work both in winter (keeps thermal comfort) and summer (breathes pleasantly) It is a crease-resistant, lightweight and durable material.
It does not require any admixtures, although a few percent of elastane will make it look even better on the figure, and will not lose its properties. Wool is a choice that will work on many occasions.
Such a jacket wears great and does not crumple after many hours of use.
Timeless and suitable for wear at different times of year. You can also bet on a cashmere jacket ? Cashmere is an extremely noble material. It is made from the wool of cashmere goats with very thin hair.
First of all, it is an expensive fabric, very delicate and it is difficult to keep clothes made of 100% cashmere, so it is rather used as an addition to the basic fabric. Another fabric is cotton. The fabric is light, which adapts very well to the figure, which makes it comfortable.
This is an advantage, but there is also a disadvantage, it crumples very quickly. Cotton is a woven fabric strictly so it will not provide comfortable airiness. Of course, it is a better choice than artificial fabrics, in which we sweat terribly. There is also a polyester that we know so well.
It is the cheapest fabric, which above all does not breathe. The skin sweats in such a jacket, moisture is not drained away. The result is also a feeling of coolness and wet spots. But it also has a plus, it does not shrink or crease.
So I think that a polyester jacket is not the best choice. They are much cheaper, so they will not burden our budget.
We already know what fabrics we can buy a jacket from. In my opinion, wool wins unquestionably. Light, airy, easy to maintain.
Note that a jacket is an element of a classic outfit. So we can combine it with both suit pants and plain jeans. We can choose a smooth, traditional jacket as well as put on patterns, distinctive patterns, bars or delicate stripes.
Color is also very important.
Classic and official look is graphites, blacks, garnets, grays. Gentlemen usually bet on such colors, but should all jackets be such ? Well, no.
More courageous men bet on colors (burgundy, blues, etc.).
The ideal jacket, therefore, what should it be, apart from a good fabric and an appropriate color ?
It should be well fitted to the figure. We must pay attention when choosing it, so that it always lies on your back as well as in your shoulders. Jacket flaps should rest freely on the chest and should not collapse. A man should have freedom of movement, but at the same time should not wrinkle anywhere.
You should also pay attention to the length of the jacket. A well-chosen jacket is one that covers half of the male buttocks or divides the silhouette in half. Only in this way the body proportions will be preserved. Too short will reveal the buttocks, which is not elegant, too long will disturb the proportions of the figure.
Another very important thing is the length of the sleeve. The appropriate length of the sleeve is where the cuff of the shirt protrudes about 1-1.5 cm. The button after fastening should not stand out and should not cause the jacket to wrinkle.
We went through the fabrics from which we can choose the jacket, we thought as we should choose the cut. This remains a complement to the styling. I think that such a complement will be the selection of the cut, which is always a perfect finish.
Gentlemen used to mistake it for a handkerchief. Luckily, the fashion goes with the spirit of the time and our men do not forget about the pillowcases, but even complete the whole outfit.