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An unusual event in your life such as a wedding, maybe a banquet, maybe an important business meeting, an interview for senior management or maybe just a desire to change your style to elegant.
All this involves buying a more or less elegant suit, tuxedo or maybe even a jacket. However, apart from the selection of the base, which is a suit, the accessories such as a shirt, fly, tie, belt, pins, shoes are very important elements of the outfit. This is part of the styling, which with the right choice, can take the base, which is a suit, to a higher level, can also ruin the purchase of even very expensive and exquisite clothes. And here we come to one of the most important parts of styling, if not the most important and at the same time the subject of this article, that is…
How to choose shoes for a suit?
Let’s start with the styling, which is the most elegant and at the same time leaves the slightest room for manoeuvre when it comes to choosing shoes, i.e. tuxedo, black suit. Here, only black shoes are at stake (there is one exception, but about that later on) only made of face leather. Whether they are to be the so-called half gloss or lacquered shoes, I would leave it to the decision and liking of the person concerned, as well as the type of event that is the purpose of styling. If it is an exit to the opera or some banquet, in this case we choose lacquered shoes, which in such circumstances are not strongly exposed to scratches, which could adversely affect the overall image, and they are very delicate in this respect. If the styling „tuxedo“ or black suit, for no less important circumstance but „more intense“. Here, the alternative is black, e.g. Broxy, heavily polished. Now, with an exception to the rule, only black shoes, if the tuxedo is in a different color as black, e.g. white tuxedo with black accessories then e.g. Broxes or Oxfords with white elements or in elements in the color of the tuxedo are allowed. This is a deviation which even nowadays is quite rare in terms of its occurrence and is considered extravagant.
….. you can have great „clothes“ and „poor“ shoes, forget about the successful look, but when you have a „nice shoe“ all the rest comes to the fore… If this sentence tells the truth about everyday clothes, it is even more true with a suit. Shoes therefore grow up to be the most important accessory in the entire styling.
The suit in granar, black or shades of grey…. Black shoes will always be on the spot, however, the brown in visiting shoes gets, if it hasn’t already won, more interest and if we don’t have any guidelines from the event organizer or the employer about our outfit, then the brown fits best. There is also a conviction of oneself that brown shoes are no less elegant than black, because such a conviction can still work in our heads.
Brooks, Derby, Oxford…. The choice of a particular type of shoe, not to mention the color, is determined by the circumstances of our clothing and the general type of styling of the event. For example, if the wedding and its general styling goes in the direction of the classics are proposed Oxford or Derby, but if the ceremony and the suit is more „casual“, then Broksy is the most acceptable.
Apart from the requirements of the employer to define our „dress code“ which can determine, among other things, the type of footwear allowed at work, with everyday use of a suit or a celebration in the park, garden it is possible to put on Loafers and Mokasins.
Although the topic is „How to choose shoes for a suit“, strictly casual clothing cannot be omitted. Here, in contrast to the classic styles, such as tuxedos, which I mentioned at the beginning, we have the greatest freedom (including the selection of socks, allowed patterns and other motifs such as flamingos, hearts, etc.) that is, no shoe will be too or not elegant enough, maybe without the „lacquers“ for jeans, jacket and t-shirt.
When selecting shoes for a suit, you can not forget to mention the appropriate socks and belt. So the belt only in the color of the shoes, the difference of one or two tones in shades is allowed, the distance between the belt and the shoes blurs the differences. The socks, however, are selected first of all according to the color of the pants, should be in the same color or a little darker, then there is a natural extension of the trouser legs and thus the optical extension of the legs, which is important for people of lower height. Lavard